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Agus Blessing Sport


Bondoufle Amical Club Badminton


ICR Equipe 1 R2

Le 27/01/2019

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  • Complexe sportif Gaston Rebuffat

Eaubonne (CSME-1) - Bondoufle Amical Club (BAC-1)

Bondoufle Amical Club (BAC-1) - Stade Multisports De Montrouge (SMM-3)

Complexe sportif Gaston Rebuffat

Interclubs LIFB

Equipe 1 - Honneur R2

  VEAU Benjamin (00211777    Verybad
  AGUS Sugimin (00527496)    Verybad
  CERVEAUX David (06799480)    Verybad
  FABRE Arnaud (06657796)    Verybad
  FLORENCE Vincent (00397771)    Verybad
  RIGAUD Gaetan (06506321)    Verybad
  ROUGIER Benoît (00107031)    Verybad
  CHENET Pauline (00114593)    Verybad
  PAILLERET Marion (00496275)    Verybad
  PERRA Léa (00454675)    Verybad
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